Heroes Rise - [Crystal M2]

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Heroes Rise - [Crystal M2]

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 01, 2017 9:01 pm

Server Name: Heroes Rise

Server Rate: High Rate


PvP Arenas:


PvP Arenas are available in 1v1 option only.

They are available in Gold only option.

Challenge Room:


Challenge Room is made for 1 player only, No groups allowed.

Once you teleport into the Room, You will be given a "Start Challenge Scroll".

Hand this to my brother Karim and he will start the challenge for you.

There will be 20 rounds. Every time you complete 1 round the round after gets harder.

And every time you complete 1 round, You will also be given a "Stop Challenge Scroll"

Depending on what round it is, Your prize will be given.

And you will also be given 10 Minutes only once you enter the Challenge Room.

Leveling Caves:


Leveling Caves are designed for fast XP, You will only have 30 minutes once you enter the Leveling Cave, They are also available for level 30 or higher only.

Battle Areas:


Battle Areas are aimed for groups only, there are currently 6 Battle Areas.

In each Battle Area there will be 1 boss only, but with over a 100 archers in the room.

You'll have to kill the archers first so you can be able to kill the boss easily.

Hunting Areas / Ancient Hunting Areas:


There is about 20 Hunting Areas in the game, There will be sub bosses (which are aimed for solo players and the bosses (takes a group to kill).

What's the difference between Hunting and Ancient Hunting Areas?

Ancient Hunting Areas do triple damage what the hunting areas mobs do, give x3 better experience and x3 better drop rate.

The Plan: When players reach max level, I will be unlocking a new town.

Which will also have 20 new hunting area, new battle areas, and loads of new stuff.

Bosses Rooms:


If you have a Boss Scroll, then teleport into one of the bosses rooms (There are currently 6 in game) and summon the boss you have. (No one will bother you while killing the boss.. If you are in a room, No one will be able to teleport to that room.)

Contest Rooms:


There are 2 Contest Rooms.

Contest Room [ 1 ]: No player drop contest room.

Contest Room [ 2 ]: Players will drop in there.



More than 200 quest have been added in game.



All ores price have been adjusted..

Copper Ore: 10,000 gold.

Iron Ore: 50,000 gold.

Gold Ore: 120,000 gold.

Black Iron Ore: 200,000 gold.

Amethyst: 70,000 gold.

Ruby: 140,000 gold.

Platinum: 220,000 gold.

Nephrite: 250,000 gold.

Adamintine Ore: 300,000 gold.

Emerald Ore: 320,000 gold.

Olivine Ore: 340,000 gold.

But, Will you sell these ores or craft them via Crafting NPC ?

Crafting NPC:


You will be able to craft 3 things.

Gems & Orbs & Potions.

Gems and Orbs will no longer drop .. They can only be crafted via Crafting NPC.

You will be able to craft Exp Potions and Buff Potions.

Last Man Standing Event (Every Friday Night):


Last Man Standing Event will be every Friday Night, from 8 PM to 9 PM (UK Time).

The Reward will be a Last Man Standing Sword (Which lasts 7 days!)

Pet Master Anthony:


Visit the Pet Master Anthony in Bichon Province to get your self a pet, (From level 1-30 there will be a "Free" Pet.)

The pets will help you and protect you while hunting, But they are costly..



Awakening has been re-worked, It now gives much better DC MC SC, AC and AMC.

But the Glyphs and the Awakening Souls will be hard to find.

New spells for all classes!

five new spells have been coded for all classes, (Assassin will be added once his spells are ready and coded.)

Should be a month or so before assassin is ready.

Archer will not be added until 100% ready and fixed.

PK System:

PK System has been re-worked, no more luck in PK, If you are a professional then you'll enjoy PKing.

New Weapons and Armours:

200 new weapons and armours are in game.

New bosses with new AI's:

50 new bosses with 50 new AI's have been coded, If you figure out

How the boss works, Killing it will become x3 times easier!


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